D/FW by Night

The Long Night
A trip to Alaska heralds change

To come…

The first glimpse of the Truth

Late October, 1999

Drawn by local reports, a group of ghost hunters arrives in the small town of Hampton, TX. Twenty years ago, a couple was found dead in their manor just outside the town proper. According to the police report, the wife, Aiesha Magnus, was found with a hatchet in her skull on the front steps of the house, leading into the courtyard. John Magnus then went upstairs and shot himself on their bed. Magnus’ dogs, a quartet of Doberman pincers, died from eventual starvation.

In the intervening years, locals have reported sights of a ghostly woman walking the highway near the property wielding a hatchet, lights in the dense woods surrounding the manor home, and sounds of dogs growling and barking.

Andrew Sinclair, Douglas Sims, Zoey Harvey and John Green arrive in the small town in the early afternoon, and they stop at city hall to announce their intentions to the local authorities. Meeting with the county’s sheriff, the group signs liability waivers and interviews the sheriff himself.


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