Zoey Elizabeth Harvey


The Turning

Zoey E. Harvey had many things as a child but two of which stood out the most: A best friend and a dream to sing. Both things luckily are still going strong to this day, regardless of her now “undead” life…. Earning herself a bit of fame and even a record deal didn’t stop Zoey from following her best friend “Doogie”, or Douglass, around to participate in the pair’s favorite past time of Ghost Busting! After a few harrowing “adventures” Zoey settled down to begin her big debut! Only at the after party of her last concert on her tour did Zoey’s record producer, Juliette Rousseau, reveal herself to have something more than a mere debut in mind.

Un-life Afterwards

A swift, sensual night later and Zoey awakens to begin the hellish Requiem. 3 months of tutelage under Juliette has brought Zoey up to speed, well as much as one can be since previously being a living human for 22 years…Zoey has been adapting surprisingly well so far. The night owl that she was in life makes the unique “quirks” of The Requiem not too unlike her normal life had been. Now with an indescribable boost to her charisma, singing has been more fun than ever before! In fact Zoey finds her new un-life quite thrilling and not at all “The Curse” that the elders whine about it being all the time. Even a little blood sucking has yet to bring the full weight of the forever of the Dance Macabre down upon Zoey’s shoulders…it’s not like we’re killing anyone, it’s more like, borrowing? But she was never one to let anything get her down. Yes indeed, things went quite well….until her unveiling to The Prince smashes her reality into pieces.

But, what about Doogie?

There at the Elysium standing before her was someone Zoey expected and never dreamed to hope to ever see again, a certain best friend who should never be in the presence of vampires. Why was he here? Get away from him you monsters don’t taint him, and you, vile woman stop touching him so familiarly! Zoey was crushed to learn that her best friend had also been turned as he stood up along her side and was casually named a Childer before The Prince. Even though she has been enjoying herself thus far, Zoey still understood the gravity of eternity. She would never wish the Dance Macabre upon a single soul much less Doogie. Zoey must adjust to this new found and horrible truth, but why is wrapping her head around this new event even harder than becoming One of the Damned? Though secretly, spending eons in un-death seems just a bit brighter with him around…

Zoey Elizabeth Harvey

D/FW by Night CrescentBunny